About Us

Bebo Beba was created in 2010 with the idea of making parents life easier by creating high quality products that will be your companions for any need your baby has. From portable changing pads to pillows for flat head syndrome, all the products have a purpose for a need that your baby has and will make any parents life a lot easier.

Why Bebo Beba?

Unisex…all our products are unisex, as our brands name meaning “baby boy, baby girl”. We want parents to recycle our products and use them for their future babies after the ones that already grew up. The great quality of our products make them durable so they would take years to deteriorate, even if you wash them a 100,000 times!

What inspire us?

Parents…that will be he the unique word that will resume everything that inspire us to work and create products that will help any kind of parent for their daily routine. Our company has the objective of creating products that will help grow the relationship between your baby and you. From parents that travel a lot and have to take their baby with them, to parents that work in home and take care of their babies while they work, to any parent you can imagine.


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